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In this course, you will learn all the important things from basics, foundation and conversations to get by during your trip to India or anything else in a very short time. So, you will learn a lot of Hindi in as little as 10-15 classes. This is recommended for people who want to finish the course in a short time frame. It’s highly beneficial as you will wear your seatbelts and learn all that you need to know to make a connection, relate to people, speak and understand.


We will study basic conversation, meeting greeting, different aspects of grammar in this. The student will learn foundation concepts & framework of speaking Hindi language. Nuts & bolts of Hindi grammar, verbs, & pronouns will be covered. Basic conversation, phrases, survival Hindi including topics related to travel, shopping, negotiation will be covered. Each class will be enriched with a Hindi class Lecture & practice time facilitated by a native Hindi speaker/teacher.


We will go deeper in learning Hindi grammar here. Having greater detailed conversations in getting to know someone in Hindi, relate to people etc. Learn Hindi Alphabets, making words and small sentences.


Here you will learn and concentrate on speaking the language. We will work on making sure that you speak with confidence, have your on vocabulary to use and can made & use sentences on your own feet.


Learning the language is totally incomplete without soaking yourself in its culture and understanding the different ways, customs, etiquette, manners, style and clarifying doubts and making sense of the nuances of the Indian culture, people and language.


Planning an India trip? Or have an upcoming India trip? We can help you get comfortable with what to expect in India and plan for the best results. When we know what to expect, clear our doubts and have a person we can ask question then things become pleasant and easy.

Customized Course

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Course Benefits

  •       Learn a new language in a fun & easy way
  •     Improve, enhance or brush up your pronunciation of Hindi language
  • Guidance, instruction & support from an expert Hindi Lecturer and Native speaker
  •       Practice & engage in Hindi with a Hindi expert
  •       Gain recognition of your effort with a certificate of completion after completing the course
  •      Interact & study in a low key & laid back environment
  •      Huge Savings as the course fee is very reasonable plus material cost is included in the course fee as an added benefits
  •      Save time and hassle of traveling as our courses are LIVE 1-on-1 online courses. So you could take our courses from the comfort of your home. Anytime! Anywhere!