• I really enjoyed learning from the Hindigo Program Tutor. Her teaching style and methodology were highly commendable and easy to grasp. In just a matter of a few classes I was able to write and speak the Hindi script and 100 Hindi words! The weekly homework and weekly tests always kept me on track with continued progress in my Hindi language skills. She was very friendly and flexible in accommodating my needs to design the class per my learning goals. In addition to teaching me to speak and write in Hindi, the tutor would provide interesting and useful information about the culture in India, which served to enhance the learning experience. She is very encouraging and works hard in making sure that I understand all of the material. In being encouraging and allowing me to work at my preferred pace, she creates an optimal learning environment.

  • Had first Meeting to learn Hindi today. It was fun, exciting and easy, which was a great relief to me, since I was a bit nervous, not having studied anything in years. The Hindigo Program Tutor has a professional yet relaxed attitude toward teaching. I look forward to future meetings, especially the field trips, as well as conversational learning, rather than only by textbook. I was so impressed that I've decided to sign up for Hindi Bootcamp. I highly recommend to anyone seriously interested in learning Hindi.

    — Angela Coda, Interior Decorator
  • My first Hindi learning class was great. I love the Hindigo Program teacher’s unique approach to teaching the language. It is so easy to relate and apply it to our everyday lives...I look forward to learning in this way.

    — Indira Ramsook, Program Assistant
  • The Hindigo Tutor I got- is an engaging teacher, with lots of positive energy. I felt like she really enjoys what she does, and it shows. She comes prepared with some helpful notes, with basic Hindi, that you can take home and practise with. For me as a beginner I was happy to have these tools to work with. I also felt like she gave me the time to tell my stories about my experiences in India, and she shared her insights as well. I look forward to meeting up again. When I was in India I heard the expression from people that "anything’s possible" with Hindigo Tutor as a teacher I believe it!!

    — Michel Erker, Housing Support Worker, A.I.S. (Accommodation Information and Support)
  • I have been taking Hindigo Program’s Hindi boot camp class-I have learned a great deal and very quickly. She took all the pieces of the Hindi puzzle and put them together. I feel more confident speaking Hindi and less afraid of making mistakes... Taking ten hours of Hindi with her feels like spending two weeks in India! Thank you for all your help.

    — Leah Pakosh, World Traveler
  • My two kids Mona & Dean are learning Hindi from the Hindigo program and so far they are doing pretty good. We are happy with their progress.

    — Harinder Walia, Entrepreneur & Parent of Hindi Student
  • Hindi Class is awesome and fun! We get to play lot of games in it. I like the Hindi class because we get to learn lot of Hindi before we go to India. She gives us prizes when we do well in the class. We get to learn lot of poems. We made an India flag today and played lot of fun Hindi games…

    — Dean & Mona Walia, School Students
  • For the first time I felt I was moving forward in my Hindi learning journey. The teacher answered all my questions and explained in a manner I understood. She also motivated me, and worked with me to make sure that I was integrating what I was learning through regular quizzes. Her teaching style made the lesson topics easier, now I feel more confident with the material we went over. After going through this instruction with her, my confidence in speaking basic Hindi has greatly increased. More importantly, I feel excited about the thought of utilizing my newly learned Hindi skills in my India trip! I would not hesitate to recommend the Hindigo program to my friends or anyone interested in learning to speak Hindi. I have greatly benefited from the lessons!

    — Radha Nayar, Social Worker
  • Before I was not very fond of the Hindi language because I found it very difficult to learn. Since I have been working with the Hindigo program Tutor, She has taught me in a way I can understand. She taught me in a way I have never been taught before. Because of that I can see things so clearly. She is very caring & wonderful. The tutor helped me in my ups & down. I am grateful to have Hindigo as my Hindi Tutor. I have been trying to learn Hindi in 4 months but since I am working with the Hindigo Tutor, I can read, write, speak in just 4 days! So, Thanks again Hindigo Program.

    — Sara Thirlwell, School Student
  • Thank you so much! Sara was very proud of her Hindi bootcamp diploma. Because of your teaching and inspiration Hindi is going to be a permanent part of her life.

    — Dr. Celeste Thirlwell, Doctor & Parent of Hindi Student
  • Thanks to Hindigo, What I liked about the program was how it was customized towards my unique requirement. I have been taking online Hind classes for 7 months and its been an amazing experience. The tutor made it really fun and interesting with examples which were very real and practical. Within a couple of months, I had a very easy and working knowledge of Hindi language. I made a trip to India, I was able to interact with my business counter person, we were able to interact very easily in conversational Hindi which made my experience really great and fulfilling. It could suit anyone in any kind of circumstance, I highly recommend it!

    -Julius Omware, PhD, Lawyer